We recognize from previous experience that watches can get damaged in shipping. For this reason, we will send you a shipping box with special protective packaging via United States Postal service unless you specifically request a different service. For you to safely ship your valuable watches in for an estimate and repair. There is no charge for the special packaging, unless you request a special shipping company. We have found this is the best way to ensure your watch gets to us with no additional damage from shipping. It is our way of assuring that you have the best experience possible with Illinois Watch Company right from the start. Your special shipping package will arrive via USPS express mail within two business days of your request for the shipping package.

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Your shipping package includes instructions on how to put your watch into the packaging for shipping. It will come with a prepaid shipping label so all you will need to do is attach the label to the packing boxes and take it to a US post office near you.

We will contact you via email as soon as we have received your watch. In the email you will receive our initial survey of the exterior of the watch, this will not include your estimate or any survey of the interior of the watch.

When we have thoroughly inspected the watch and have diagnosed the problem we will contact you by e-mail and by phone if needed with your estimate for repairs. (There is no charge for the estimate, and if for any reason you decide not to proceed with the repair, Illinois Watch Company will ship you back your watch. The only cost will be for return shipping and insurance which is a flat-rate within the continental USA for express mail shipping of $24.95 for insurance up to $5000 & $32.95 if the value of your watch exceeds $5000.