Omega Chronograph

Omega ChronographAt Illinois Watch Company our CW21 watchmakers have been to SWATCH group for brand specific training on Omega products including multiple calibers co-axel escapement multiple chronograph calibers and are Omega certified. We also have been restoring vintage Omega calibers for over 18 years we have huge inventories of NOS parts we have access to large amounts of vintage material that most watchmakers do not have. We have experience working on vintage omega chronographs such as the 861,1040,321 an d many other vintage calibers Andy many We feel that since we had serviced over 500 of the 1140 (or the variations of this) caliber Omega watches we are very qualified to service these mechanisms.

Omega Chronograph


We only use genuine Omega parts ordered directly from the factory and sent directly to us. We will order vintage parts from other suppliers only if they are not available from Omega.



A Complete service includes:

  • A complete disassembly of the mechanism and case
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of all parts
  • Replacement of any worn parts using only genuine Omega parts.
  • The mechanism is reassembled and Lubricated to manufacturers specifications
  • Case and bracelet are refinished as best as possible to manufacturers specifications
  • Watch is timed to manufacturers specifications using manufacturer recommended automatic winders
  • Over a three-day timing period the automatic system is also tested during this time frame.

All watches have a one-year warranty on all services provided.