Lookup year my watch was made.

Watches, whether a vintage pocket watch or a modern wristwatch, are passed from one generation to the next. As they are passed, they are sometimes the details of when and where and who owned it are sometimes lost.  While we cannot tell you who owned it or when or where we can however give you the origin details of your watch contained in our vast manufacturing database.  This will give details such as year watch was sent to finishing total number of watches made, number of watches made for that year, size finish and many other details.  Many times these details can narrow down the facts and details about previous owners.

Illinois Watch Company is happy to provide a watch date of manufacture and manufacturing details service. With this look-up, you will get the manufacturing  details of your Illinois Watch. From the year it was manufactured, and much more. We give you a complete rundown of everything that is known about your watch in a digital form.  We then send it out to you via e-mail so you can have your data quickly and in a form that you can save and store for the next generation

Maybe you are interested in selling the watch and want to have the details to help increase the resale value. Perhaps you found or purchased a watch and want to get the history of your heirloom. Whatever your motivation, we are happy to help. Our serial lookup is $19.95 and contains information such as the year it was made, the grade, how many were manufactured, and more.

Once you submit your request, our experts will go through the Illinois Watch records to provide you all the information available for your watch.